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millie’s updates…

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by Susan Sbicca 1 Comment

here we are in november…  

while millie’s has been under the radar the last few months, i’ve been working on some new exciting projects and LOT’S of new flavors…  i’ll unveil this surprise in the next weeks… just in time for the holidays.

with the weather cooling down and the sunlight disappearing so early, millie’s farmers market schedule has changed.

you can always find us at the leaucadia farmers market on sundays 10am -2pm.  (unless it’s raining)

i’ll update the schedule and rainy day status on our facebook page .

thanks for all the excitement and inspiration!  millie’s made for you.

susan sbicca

my new love ~ emory…

Posted on: July 14th, 2012 by Susan Sbicca 3 Comments

emory thompson that is…  

he’s solid, dependable and american.  glossy and fine ~ he makes me happy.  and when i’m happy i make happy things ~ like vegan gelato. peppermint raspberry, coconut caramel banana,  chocolate caramel sea salt  (gotta ride that wave) and of course chocolate peanut butter.  

emory thompson comes from 107 years of family dedication.   no frills, just rock solid dependability.

millie’s is taking things up a notch.  with dear emory i’m able to produce more gelato in less time.  this allow millie’s to stretch out a bit…  more locations and delicious new flavors.

i’m committed to my new love and to making millie’s gelato the very best vegan gelato you’ve tasted.  i’m in a new kitchen with so many ideas my hair is on fire!

so keep checking back for new new locations and seasonal flavors.  

mmm … flavor



…just before summer

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by Susan Sbicca No Comments

Spring is here! 

Welcome the warm days and the uncertain evenings.  We are moving into prime gelato weather…  I can already taste juicy apricots and over the sink peaches.

The time is not yet ripe for stone fruit but we can sooth the anticipation with creamy passion fruit gelato and pineapple kiwi chunk.

Isn’t it great that we have proof that chocolate is good for you?  I’ve known that since I tasted my first melty bite. (Millie made the best chocolate chunk cookies EVER).

Heavenly chocolate gelato with crunchy salted peanut butter or maybe some rich smooth coffee and of course the peppermint chocolate syrup swirl.

Come see us at the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sundays  10-2pm.

We’ll soon be at the new Encinitas Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings.  Summer is right around the corner and life is warming up.  Get out and enjoy the season.

And remember, Millie’s Gelato is dairy free, soy free, plant-based and vegan.  Delicious and good for you.

See you soon…    mmm … flavor


Valentines Day is approaching…

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by Susan Sbicca No Comments

I’ve always loved preparing food for valentines day ~ sexy food.  The flavor and textures of some foods are best savored slowly and leave a lingering swoon.

When dreaming of flavors for gelato I think of deep complex chocolate (of course) with syrupy dark cherries~ or caramel… oozy things.  I am inspired by the sweet pleasure of passion fruit, plump raspberries, dark red blood oranges and the softness of rosewater. 

It is a sensual time in the kitchen.  This is what I live for. 

Millie’s gelato is best when shared with friends and as always… lovers.  Finish your romantic dinner with a decadent dessert. Dessert that will leave you satiated with a desire to wander into the glow of spending time with some one you love.

I’ll be at the Leucadia Farmers Market this Sunday 10am -2 pm where you can taste these gelatos yourself.

 Hope to see you there and happy Valentines Day from Millie’s Gelato.


into the new year…

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by Susan Sbicca 2 Comments

Well here we are, a week or so into the New Year.  We’ve all heard about resolutions perhaps even made a few. There is something refreshing about starting new things. An opportunity to do things differently is exciting, and disappointing when the shine comes off. 

Cooking for the last 33 years has offered me a wonderful relationship with food.  As in all relationships we’ve had some disagreements and stand offs.  In the last couple of years I have had to surrender.  The food won. 

I’ve opened up to whole new (sometimes strange) culinary territories. I get to take what the years have taught me and rework old favorites with food that is really good for me.  It works.  I am a believer in a plant-based diet. 

Whether adjusting your diet is part of a new year intention or not, making Millie’s Gelato part of your dessert stash is a delicious and nutritious way to fill that need for sweet decadence.  Give it a try.

This chilly time of year demands some warm flavors.

With gelato?  Yup.  Maple-pecan seems to be a new favorite, chocolate cinnamon swirl and midnight mocha all just make you want to sit by the fire right?

And of course, Millie’s can be eaten straight out for the pint.

Come see us at the Leucadia Farmers Market Sundays 10-2

Thanks for visiting Millie’s Gelato.


Mmm … flavor



it’s that time of year…

Posted on: December 26th, 2011 by Susan Sbicca 2 Comments

This is such a reflective time of year.  It’s been a big year for many.  I launched Millie’s and have been redefining my culinary priorities. 

I’ve had a lot of conversations about why I am now eating a plant-based diet and what that actually means.  I’ve had conversations about the meaning of the word vegan and the stigma surrounding it.  Many hear the word vegan and relate it to a type of person, not just a way of eating.  It closes some minds of those that could benefit from a plant-based diet. 

I am grateful we have so many choices to improve our health and information to help us make them.

I’m grateful to those who choose to eat this way because of a love for animals and our planet.

My purpose is to make things taste really good.  Whatever you choose to eat, Millie’s was created for everyone. 

Ours is a decadent gelato to enjoy with family and friends… special occasion, dessert or just a snack.  (It’s a very nice gift too)

Millie’s Gelato Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Of course, Millie’s can be eaten straight out for the pint, but for entertaining, I’ve been making bob-bons… SO FUN and the combinations are endless.  Just take a small ice cream scoop, scoop gelato into little rounds and roll in your favorite topping.  Midnight mocha rolled in cacoa nibs or, peanut butter chocolate swirl in crushed peanuts or cocoa powder, coconut bing cherry in shredded coconut.  Have fun with your own combinations.

Thanks for visiting Millie’s Gelato. Have a warm and grateful holiday.

Mmm … flavor


Welcome to Millie’s Gelato

Posted on: December 8th, 2011 by Susan Sbicca 3 Comments

Chef Susan SbiccaThis being my first blog, right off the bat I’d like to say thanks to all that have helped launch this site. For me this is the beginning of a dream come true.

I’ve been a “normal eater” and a chef for over 30 years. My change in diet was necessary for health reasons. I did have a choice — take the medicine or let my body heal itself with the help of a plant-based diet. It is my nature to fiddle around with stuff … recipes, technique, food combinations and presentation. It’s just what I do.

Taking my culinary experience and applying it to a plant based diet is my new love and purpose.

That being said, I really like to have fun and express whimsy in preparing food. I missed sharing the occasional decadent dessert with friends … particularly if I was the only person who didn’t eat dairy and gluten. So that is how Millie’s Gelato was born. I was determined to make a gelato that is delicious for everyone. Whether you are lactose intolerant, choose a vegan or plant-based diet, or just want a delicious and nutritious dessert that everyone can enjoy … here is Millie’s!

Millie’s Gelato Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Of course, Millie’s can be eaten straight out for the pint, but for holiday entertaining, try some chocolate peanut butter swirl over a warm brownie (gluten free if you need) and watch the eyes roll. Smoosh some vanilla peanut butter banana between two ginger snaps for mini party treats or Vanilla Caramel Sea Salt over warm apple pie. The options are endless and I’ll share my ideas with you as they surface. Thanks for visiting Millie’s Gelato. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoy making it.

Mmm … flavor




Meant to be shared with friends who appreciate good food & good company!